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  • CreatureKink @CreatureKink

    May 3, 2020, 1:16 pm (Public) | Report

    **PINNED POST: Scroll Down to find all my New Content**

    Welcome to my page! JustFor.Fans is an excellent platform with a lot going on for it, so I’m highlighting some functions to make your time here more entertaining and rewarding ❤️

    *TEXT ME! If you enjoy chatting, receiving photos, and videos directly, look under my profile photo to find my Phone Number! Click on that purple button to read the details. Reminder: Subscribers pay a lower fee for texting than non-subscribers do... let's chat soon!

    *CHOOSE SUBSCRIPTION: Below that, click on the Black “Subscription“ Button to check out my rate for 1, 3, or 6 months of content ~ don't forget to check the top of my page to see if there's a PROMOTIONAL DISCOUNT you can use to sign up instead...

    *MY MODELS: Don't lose my page (www.JustFor.Fans/CreatureKink)! Below the Subscription Bar is a red "Add to My Models Page" button. Click it to add this profile to your "My Models" list. This feature makes it easier for you to find me when you log on. You'll find all of your bookmarked performers all the way to the left, on the sidebar item marked "My Models".

    *There's a lot going on in that sidebar (dropdown menu if using the phone) all the way to the left of your screen. Play around, see how things work, enjoy your time here!... I'll point out the RED VIDEO CAMERA ICON for "Live Cam Shows"! I really enjoy camming, and look forward to seeing you in a chatroom sometime. You can schedule a *private* cam show with me whenever you like too! I enjoy requests, and one on one play is my favorite—there’s even an option to cam both ways if you'd like me to view you while we play ❤️

    *The photo below shows you a little more about the anatomy of a performer's post feed:

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    Do you want me to make you a custom video? Just choose what want in the video from a list, and I'll make it for you.

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Tell Us About Yourself:

Hi there, I'm Creature. I'm known as "Creature Sir" to my submissives and trainees. I'm a professional Dom and sub trainer (I also train Doms), and am a lifestyle switch. I've been a sexuality/gender/identity educator for over 20 years, I offer BDSM skills & safety instruction, and write the kink blog: I'm also queer ~ a nonbinary FTM ~ who enjoys their body as it is without surgery, even as I more thoroughly enjoy my life and body on testosterone (aka: hormone replacement therapy/HRT). It's difficult to be a fence-fucker in our consumer-centered society, but that seems to be my lot in life (in more ways than just gender identity). I don't see many people who look like me or act like me in adult entertainment (or most places). It's difficult to find employment as an actor or model without "passing" as male /or/ female. I tend to be too masculine for a lot of the "straight guy" demographic, and too feminine for many "gay male" clients and platforms available. In our culture women and queers tend to have less expendable income and platforms to find what they're looking for than those demographics as well... So, like with my 30-year career in the performing arts, I make my own! Here I am! Enjoy me! I love educating. I love sex work. I love adult entertainment. I'm passionate about spreading the concept of "No Shame!". I'm solidly here to say: fuck stigma. No one is capable of being *you* like you are, and it's a gift to the world to feel sexy and secure in your body while connecting with others. Creating content and having a presence on JFF is one way I manifest all of these personal ethics *and* construct a career I'm proud to be committed to and enjoy. It's nice to meet y'all, thank you for having me... feel free to ask anything, and I hope to see you on my subscription list soon.

What can people expect on your page?

I've been a visual artist, writer, and performance artist professionally since a pretty young age. My eye is artistic, and my messaging tends toward a certain brand of "interactive & unexpected". If you like not knowing what to expect, but value being delivered aesthetic, thoughtful content, I'm a wonderful and exciting investment. Please do subscribe and play! Similarly, my body itself is "unexpected". I have a large clit (from HRT); more body hair, pubic hair, and facial hair than most females in XXX entertainment; I have a higher sexual drive than I've enjoyed in the past, and I'm kinky and perverted as can be... I offer a wide range of opportunities to interact, perv, and personally connect through my subscription page. Enjoy photographic images and video, custom content (just ask), and private or group camming sessions. I love to sext: (205) 749-6417. If you're looking to submit to a Dom, or get instruction in various BDSM skills: I've got you covered, just ask for what you want. I'm here for it. As an artist I thoroughly enjoy novelty, so if there's a thing you're into: PLEASE DO SHARE. I love the challenge of a new project (of course I have some boundaries and limits, but they're mine and not anything I would judge others about, even if I must decline). I adore the give and take that happens when I produce another person's fantasy. IRL (offline) I produce "destination kinky vacations" for singles, couples, and small groups who are looking to explore but don't have the experience or knowhow to pull off their own events with confidence. So... chat with me! Let's make those hidden desires buried deep within your chest come true in some way, someday soon...

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