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  • Hi there! Since this is my first post, I thought that I would introduce myself.
    I'm a 22 year old woman from Denmark, I'm a feminist and a sex worker. I'm queer and I love body mods. I'm kinky, quirky, creative, romantic and funny.
    I will be creating and posting a great variety of content, and I hope you'll enjoy it. I also offer custom content, I'd love to hear your requests.
    Much love,

  • I Make Custom Videos!

    Do you want me to make you a custom video? Just choose what want in the video from a list, and I'll make it for you.

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Tell Us About Yourself:

My name is Jennie, I'm a 22 year old, queer, fat woman. I have three piercings, and want more. I am very fetish-friendly, my page is a judgment-free zone (unless you want that ;) ) I'm a very open-minded person, I'm quite a sexual and sensual person. I'm a masochistic bottom, but open to exploring other roles.

What can people expect on your page?

Everything from soft, romantic girlfriend content to kinky bdsm and fetish content. I always want to try new things. I can be both serious and silly depending on my mood. I hope you'll subscribe, we have fun here

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