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  • Chandler Scott @ChandlerScotXXX

    May 4, 2020, 6:44 am (Subscribers) | Report

    A quick jerk. 🍆💦

    1m 17s
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Tell Us About Yourself:

I am me. I don't change for anyone. So expect my ups and my downs. haha I am kind, friendly; get along with just about anyone. I am shy at first but then good luck getting me to shut up! I decided to create a page here because WHY NOT?! Plus its a great way to connect with others, provide more personal content and JFF has a great platform to work with.

What can people expect on your page?

When you expect something, there is a chance of being let down. So dont expect anything, just be ready for everything! :) I have fun so hope your ready to see that! Join and you will so a whole other side of me where i am in control of the story.

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