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    July 3, 2020, 9:20 pm (Subscribers) | Report

    Open your mouth for Dad's creamy load.

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Tell Us About Yourself:

Any idea what it's like to be a gay redneck growing up in Valdosta, Georgia? Raised on grits, okra, and fried chicken and known quietly as the town faggot that white trash dudes and farmers' sons could unload their balls in and not worry about anyone finding out. That's how I developed my lifelong addiction to cock. Always wanted to do porn as a young man, but I was scrawny and covered in acne and had no self-esteem, but I did a spread in Inches magazine in 1995 because I needed the $200 they offered and they liked my big dick. Later, in my 40's, I kinda grew into my own as a confident big-dick fucker and I got offers to do porn with a couple studios, but I don't care for most studio porn because I don't like the scripted/rehearsed look. I wanted to make porn MY way: I just wanted to pig out on camera with my hook up buddies. That's when I discovered JustForFans!

What can people expect on your page?

All of my porn is shot with nothing more than a phone and most of it is spontaneous and unplanned. And raw. And I don't mean raw as in just "bareback" I mean raw as in "real and in the moment" with average everyday horny sex partners. Sex in porn booths, porn theaters, glory holes, sex clubs, in the woods, at dudes' houses, you name it. I'm 100% versatile and I love it when sex ends in lots of cum. My twitter followers tell me over and over that my porn is the hottest jack-off material out there because it's so REAL. I have made porn on JustForFans with "Dad bods", average joes, rednecks, jocks, twinks, bears (WOOF!), working class dudes, and even the occasional big-name porn star!

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