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  • An impromptu maintenance spanking while taking a shower. She stood partially bent over with her hands on the shower wall as I spanked her ass with both hands, palms up, in an upward motion with the water falling onto My back. She moaned softly with each impact when I made contact on an exhale and gasped sharply when I caught her on an inhale. We continued that way for about 10 minutes, Me switching up spanking directions and rubbing intermittently and her pussy getting wetter as the time went on. When the time was right, I turned her around and pulled her into My arms so she can hug her Daddy and feel the warmth of the water that was cascading off of My shoulders and down her back over her warm red ass. We began kissing after a few moments of her head being buried in My chest and I could feel the desire for sex in her energy. She wasn't alone in her train of thought and knew that the second she leaned in to start sucking My nipple and put her hand on My hard dick. I could only take a few seconds of that before I turned her back around and slowly inserted every inch of Me into her. I placed one hand behind her neck and the other around her throat and proceeded to pound her wet pussy from the back as she braced herself against the wall. I was careful not to squeeze too hard, remembering the last time I restricted her airflow in the shower it ended with Me catching her limp body as she passed out on her feet. The pressure must have been perfect because less than a minute later she was begging her Daddy to cum. She came all over My dick, legs shaking, as I continued to fuck her quivering pussy. No rest for the weary as We kept fucking for the next few minutes until she needed to cum again, this time I joined her and pumped her pussy full of cum as I deep stroked her to completion. Ass red, pussy throbbing, legs quivering almost violently, struggling to keep standing, she turned around and buried her head into My chest again as I helped keep her on her feet. "Thank you Daddy" she sighed into My ear as both of Our cum ran down her legs. You never know when it'll happen with Us... But everytime it happens, it happens right 😉 -Born

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