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  • Bootydevine @BootyDevineXXX

    July 9, 2020, 6:57 pm (Subscribers) | Report

    Hungry? ! I got something for you! Bon Appetit 👅💦💦💦💦💦

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Tell Us About Yourself:

I am a Independent Gay Chubby Size Amateur Award Nominee Clip Artist From South Texas. I been in the Industry for 4 years going to 5 years in 2020!!! I been nominated for an XBIZ 2019 Award for Rising Clip Star Male Of The Year & Made History Nominated for my VERY FIRST TIME Being The Very FIRST EVER Chubby Size Model and ONLY chubby Model in my Category Nominated In The GayVN Awards 2020 for Favorite Butt & Cam Guy!!!!!! I have come a long way and worked so hard to earn what I have accomplished!!!! More PROUD changing the world of amateur gay porn with my very OWN unique way and content, being my OWN Boss, making the content I make that has NEVER been seen. Getting those "THANK YOU so much for your content that I cant find in studio porn" comments from fans, makes me more PROUD and Motivates me each day to keep on producing more and more content! I Joined JustForFans, due that this platform is amazing! Easy to manage, uploads are super fast, the tools are there to make you better, and more, the traffic!!!!! The traffic is amazing!!!!! JustForFans is a GREAT platform for Diversity, feel very welcome, and JFF welcomes ALL models, of different. size, race, color! That what makes JFF a very UNIQUE, and Amazing Platform!!! So Glad I took the right decision to join JFF!!!!!

What can people expect on your page?

I am more of a solo content creator, that how I started and its what most of my subs like to watch, I also do Crossdress & Sissy Scenes, which most of my subs are straight and into that type of fantasy, I also do many Fetishes, JOIs, Ass/ Asshole Fetish, Nipple Fetish, farting which I never knew that type of fetish my fans would love it, Toys and so on!!! Also I do sometime boy/boy content, mostly Bj content!!! But have some boy/boy anal creampies as well!!! Mostly you will enjoy so MUCH my content, and more I try to update with uploading every week!!!!!! So I try to have 4 different content scenes each month!!! I also have many WET pictures for my subs to enjoy!!! So there is many goodies in my JFF for a sub to join and have his fun!!! Cant wait to have you subscribe!!

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