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  • WELCOME TO CORY & JARED'S 100% EXCLUSIVE PAGE-- WE ARE "BIG C MEN". We do ZERO Studio Porn and do not post any of our content ANYWHERE ELSE besides this Page! Beginning in Early 2017, we began making our OWN VIDEOS-- Featuring our Couple Sex, along with all our Hookups with Buds- Porn Stars, Amateurs, Even DL Buds... My name is Cory. I'm a 37 year old businessman. In addition to running my non-porn businesses, I find great joy in using my skills and passions to build this New, Amazing Career for Jared & I. I am continually learning new editing techniques and working hard to grow our unique Brand... Jared is a kick ass House Husband, and he takes care of our 4 dogs and the awesome Beach House. Together, we are one hell of a team, married 7 years, and loving life and all its Journeys!! Since our background is quite different from most Porn Stars, you can expect an entirely different Experience when exploring our Collection... Our goal is always to bring you REAL SEX, and to Bring you along for our REAL LIFE JOURNEYS! We use our REAL names, and give you more of a look into our REAL, PERSONAL lives than any other porn star out there!! Over the last year and a half, we have amassed an INCREDIBLE Collection, built up an extremely large, loyal, & EVER GROWING Fan Base, and are super excited for what our Future Holds!! We don't offer any of our vids for Sale, but you can always access our ENTIRE Collection by clicking the "Videos" Tab. The vids are posted in Chronological Order and each have a Screenshot Title Page and Time Stamp, so you can easily browse for your desired experience. Some of the vids are short clips, while many are LONG, even multi part videos that can span 20 minutes to one hour or more. I do 100% of the editing, and you will quickly see how I infuse my creative passion into each video... I also Post Screencaps and Pics every week or two, so you can also browse our enormous Collection of Pics by clicking the "Photos" Tab. I work tremendously hard on making this Experience the BEST it can be, and all we ask for from YOU is to set your Membership on "Recurring" and enjoy the Ride. I answer messages once per week, so feel free to send a message on here or to our email address at! Thank you for being a Valued Member!

    I am going to keep this Amazing 33 minute Video "Big C Fucks Baby Boy: Award Winning" PINNED TO THE TOP OF OUR PAGE RIGHT HERE! It's one of My ALL TIME Favorite Videos!! We set up 2 cameras and let it roll for a completely unedited, uninterrupted 33 minutes of Amazing Fucking. We really show off Our Natural Chemistry here... He sucks my Daddy dick and effortlessly takes it in All Sorts of Ways before we Both show off Crazy Nuts! Such Hot Sex! Enjoy!!

    Movie Length: 00:32:53
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