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    June 24, 2020, 6:28 am (Subscribers) | Report

    HOT PURSUIT 2 ✌🏽

    It was a special day of celebration for me then @dicemdown88 hmu with his location, although i didn’t know what to expect I was READY 👄 & i found myself on another freaky wild outdoor adventure in which took an intense turn when we almost got caught 😅 LIKE AND COMMENT ‼️

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Tell Us About Yourself:

Hi im Almightylipz, I like to believe that im just your regular guy next door with an addiction to pretty dicks. I love anime, sports / workouts, music, and art. I consider my version of porn "art" and its refreshing to be sexually fluid without judgement. I also refer to my fanbase as "BULLIES" not because we are mean, rude, and evil but its due to the fact we are aggressive in the bedroom making that dick/butt submit to us. I decided to create a page to showcase my oral skiils,modeling capabilities and oral classes I instruct but decided to start making my own movies!

What can people expect on your page?

New members can expect to continuously be surprised. I always give my page something new and refreshing, yes itll be porn but you never know who or what you may see. Many of my films are over 15-20 mins so once you subscibe be sure to check out all the past posts as well ! I have well over 500 likes theres something here for everyone to see and cum to ! If you love a fit freak with sexy co-stars and nasty verbal sex scene im the guy for you.

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