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  • CAUGHT PT. 1

    #Bullies wassup I got a few request to tell this story about me being caught suckin dick in a public restroom. Here is part one of what happened on this wild wild night. Soooooo this sexy DL guy chatted with me and told me how much he enjoys my content. We chatted off and on for a few weeks because hes very discrete and im somewhat patient lol. Anyways one night he tells me hes dumb horny and needs me to meet him and I agreed but it had to be a public place. I told him to meet me with no drawls on and to be prepared to have the nutt sucked out of his dick. I pulled up to the arranged place and at first I saw nobody at all. Then after looking a few more times I thought I saw someone moving around the court so I turned on my flash to go investigate. I was dumb nervous walking in the dark searching for him but at the same time I was horny for the thrill of this. This vid starts at the exact moment I walked up and found him ! The light is turned off in the vid at the end because I could hear fast footsteps approaching. We both pulled up our clothes and ran for it!

    Movie Length: 00:04:47
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