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  •  Chitown Savage Dick

    #Bullies what up doe ! I checked my DM and @DaddySavage04 had hit me up saying he was coming my way and finally wanted his chance to meet up. We played phone tag for a few days then one morning it finally happened. I pulled up on him and we went to go scout some nikkaz walking around down town. As we smoked a few blunts we were hit on by this chic who just didn't know her efforts of obtaining dick were void.  We had it in our minds that it was time for us to fuck and I could see my new homie dick growing as he flirted in the store with this chic. It was hot af watching him be aroused by a female all while im knowing he's about to use that hard dick to fuck me. Bisexual men turn me on so once we got to the room I started recording immediately. I asked him it is could see his growing dick, in which you could clearly see through his shorts because he was freeballing the entire time. By this time housekeeping was coming around and all you could hear was us kissing. We were a lil quiet at some points when the maids were near but then again I ain't give a fuck. Lets start where I asked him to  pull his dick out, this is what happened:

    Movie Length: 00:32:19
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