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Tell Us About Yourself:

Hey you! Thanks for coming to visit me here, I hope you do choose to stay a while. I am a 28 year old Australian BBW that loves trying new things and enjoys embracing my more sexual side. I created this as a place to post more explicit content and share with you as I explore new things. I hope in future we will both enjoy ourselves here very much, Thank you for your support xx

What can people expect on your page?

I will be posting a variety of content on a regular schedule that involves a minimum of 2 photos per day and 1 video per week and often much more. I am new but have a lot of ideas and enthusiasm and in future you can expect lingerie photo sets, partner content (oral + more), outside and toy content as well as more spontaneous photos and videos throughout my regular day/activities. I want to create a lot of themed content based around roleplay/POV scenes and my own exploratory journey into fetish content. My content will combine both showing face/no face depending on what decision I make at the time. I want this to be an interactive and enjoyable space with content requests and the option to choose what content will be seen next. I will also have open messaging and look forward to hearing feedback and getting to know everyone.

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